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Everytime I play LORD II, I always have my regular routines that keeps me atop the other players. Yeah, of course, with IGMs, the game may differ, which is allright otherwise LORD II would become one sick puppy game with always the same things to do. You can try it, or stick to your style, I don't give a Koala's Ass. I just thought some losers who keep gettings their nerdy asses kicked in LORD II might like some pointers.

Stonebrook - Getting Started<
GreenTree - The Big City>
PortTown - Reaching Out>
FlagCity - Western Lands
BoneTown - Corrupted Town
Sosen Village - Due North 
ArrisVille - Being A Hero>
Prologue - Switching Sides<

If you'd happen to have comments or complaints about this site, shove'em up your neighbor's ass. I'm not crazy enough to put my email in a public website and get spammed like all of ya. As for suggestions, well I'll think of them myself, thank you.


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