There are basically two types of cages used by local breeders in Pakistan.
The Metal Cages
The Wooden Cages
Fixed Cages

The Metal Cages

The Metal Cages are portable and the basic frame work of these cages is made of metal. The base of the cage comprises of the sliding trays to ensure proper cleaning . These cages are very successful for colony breeding or a single pair breeding. The cleanliness can be easily maintained in such cages and are a very good tool for creating a good atmosphere for the birds to breed. I find such cages very comfortable as they are easy to handle, I can change their place according to extreme summer (non-breeding) and winter (breeding) seasons (as I have got a small place).
These kinds of cages can prove to be your best choice, if you don't want to fix your cages or don't want to spend a fortune on cages.

The Wooden Cages

The wooden cages are also portable and basic framework is made of wood. The basic problem with these cages is that the germs and bacteria stick to the wood and frequent use of disinfectants would result in decaying of wood and the life span of these cages will reduce rapidly.
Another problem with such cages is that some kinds of parrots like Alexander's Parakeet love to tear the hard woods, and if they get interested in you cage, they will tear it apart in a few days, so beware of such kinds of parrots. But otherwise, the budgies and lovebirds are not so harmful to these cages.
The basic technique is to give the big parrots, some twigs and wooden pieces to play with so that they can destroy them freely.

Fixed Cages

These cages are very convenient for colony breeding or breeding the pairs who need more space like Indian Ringnecks, Alexandrines, Macaws or others , that you feel, should have more space. They provide you with the opportunity for one time designing of your aviary as they are half brick- made hard walled cages and half metal cages. The hard walls give the parrot, a sense of security.
Designing this kind of cages holds too many things to take care of. Like the direction of winds, the sunlight, the humidity control, proper cleaning facility, landscaping, proper water supply and so on.
If you have an experienced friend who is willing to help you sincerely, then you can depend on him to design your aviary or if you think you, yourself, are experienced and thoughtful in this field then you should try it yourself
In spite of everything one thing should be kept in mind! These cages are little expensive, but if properly designed yield a good atmosphere for your birds to breed, so it is worth spending.

Cage Size

The cage size is very important in keeping the bird happy enough to breed. I am giving here the sizes of cages that I have got  for each parrot species and that I found very successful in the breeding program.
One thing should be kept in mind that the breeding program as one pair per cage or colony breeding in one cage depends on the type of bird or the atmosphere you provide him.

Parrot Type

Cage Size


Alexander's Parakeet
4' x 2.5' x 5'
Single Pair
Indian Ringneck
4' x 2.5' x 5'
Single Pair
4' x 2.5' x 5'
Single Pair
2' x 2' x 2.5'
Single Pair*
African Love Birds
6' x 6' x 3'
20" x 20" x 20"
Single Pair
* Cockatiels Single pair breeding in given cage size has produced excellent results for me. I don't feel comfortable with cockatiels colony breeding.
** Almost 20 pairs breed in this size easily. Most aviculturalists have point of view that the love birds give better results in single pair breeding per cage but I have found that the colony breeding is no less effective . I have been breeding these pairs in colony for 4 years now and never found any trouble.

Wire Mesh

The wire mesh to be used for the cages should be of very good quality and should not have sharp edges which can often cut or bruise your birds feet especially of the young ones coming out of box for the fist time. The size of the wire mesh should be chosen according to the size of the bird as some birds may not be able to cross through the holes but may get their neck stuck in it which can lead to fracture of neck bone or death, in some cases.
Another important point is that nowadays, galvanized wire mesh is readily available in market but you should make it sure that these are not zinc coated as the zinc coating may break out or crack in form of a small flakes and get swallowed by a bird which is a real hazard because large amount of zinc leads to poisoning.


I like to decorate the cages with natural branches of trees and I always kept on looking for beautiful branches and perches in autumn as in this season, the trees are not loaded with leaves and shape of branches is more prominent. But I also provide them with simple straight wooden perches to allow them more space to sit when in colony. 

Feeding System

The cages should be provided with at least three dishes. One for seeds, second for water and third for the food supplies other then the seeds.
I prefer a hanging water dish on the door so that changing water is not a big problem.


Landscaping is very important to give the birds a wild atmosphere. You are lucky if you have a ground floor aviary and you can plant beautiful plants everywhere. But If this is not the case, then you can use different sized pots to plant beautiful Ivy's and Plants that are forever green.

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