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The Pakistani View

Pakistan is a country with diverse climate. It has got plains,  mountains, deserts, rivers and sea. Its climate is suitable to many kind of birds and each year thousands of birds migrate towards Pakistan.
Alexander's Parakeet is one of the native birds of not only India, but Pakistan also. Flocks of Indian Ringneck can be seen in the fields of wheat, rice, millet and corn in almost every agricultural part of the country. 
Local people love to keep Alexandrines and Indian Ringnecks as their Pets. I've also seen breeding pairs of Indian Ringnecks that live in wild but are tame birds and love to be in the company of local people. They often go to people to get food during the breeding season.
I have seen beautiful Plum headed parakeets breeding in wild in the hilly areas of Pakistan.
Pakistani bird lovers have done a real hard work to come up to the international standards and we can proudly state that we ,too, breed many kinds of Parrots successfully in Pakistan.
This website is a contribution from the Pakistani side for the world of birds and bird lovers.
New sections will be introduced soon and the current sections will be improved further.

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