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Of all the motorcycles I have had (7 so far), this by far has been my favorite.  It's a 1972 Yamaha RD250.  I do not know how it's life was before I got involved, but she has led a pampered life since then.  She was given to me in '94 w/ a seized motor and no title.  Nothing was missing and everything was original (including the dry-rotted tires). 
  Well, after I found out what the bike was, I ran across a friend who had a 350cc engine that they gave me.  Now I had a running bike, but I still didn't have a title.  After three weeks of DMV run-arounds, I bought a frame from New Jersey, and she is now registered as a 1974 model RD250.  And man what a blast she is to ride!  Plus everybody and their dog had one of these things way back when!  I've been stopped at traffic lights by people who wanted to see it.  But alas, she has been sold (as of 10/30/00) to help fund my other passion...
Datsun 240Z's

BTW:  the car in the above picture is my wife's favorite car...a Fiat X1/9.  We bought it shortly after we got married in 1996.  It's a 1980 model and even though I don't fit in it very well (over 6'-0 need not apply), it sure is a blast to drive.  Low center of gravity, just the right amount of power, w/ a targa top!  Spring time here we come!  But it was sold (sigh....) just after our daughter Lynden was born.  It seems the State of Texas doesn't take too kindly to child car seats being strapped to the luggage rack of a car.  Since the whole family can't go for a drive, it must be liquidated.

Now on to the 240Z....
Well, aside from a few little missing items (carpet, dash cover, radio), I have gotten my car back on the road by my deadline of June, 2002.  (San Antonio's Z-Sport is hosting the 2002 National Z-Car Convention) 
The above picture was taken for my insurance on May 30th, 2002. 

The links above show what I started with and how I got to where my car is now.  Enjoy...

  I have had my z car since '93.  Thanks to the help from my (then girlfriend) wife, I bought it and a '73 240 for $900.  It has been a very long road trying to get this car back on the road.  I have driven it periodically, but some frame rust prevented me from driving it on a regular basis.  When Kerri and I bought our house, the total restoration began.  That was in '96. 
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