Survivors City
From the writings of Sgt Jack Kane.

We rolled up to the clark fork river last night. It passes through the Missoula ruins.The girls were right. There is a group of survivors living atop the eastern mountain overlooking the city, or what is left of it.

One man has taken charge, a Dr Cross. A weazle of a man, but he thinks fast on his feet. He has already organized a small group of scavengers to bring in supplies and watches to warn of potential attack. The trouble is they seem to only have old assault and hunting weapons. Nothing that could take on much of any thing seriouse, but at least it is a start.

The girls, Julie and Heather have found a friend from the Univeristy. Another girl, Lindsay is her name. She, like many others still thinks there might be help coming from the government or even NEMA. What they don't realize is the government is in as bad or nearly as bad a shape as they/we are.

The sight of our Bradley perked up a few people, if only they knew just how old this thing is. Well, it is better than nothing I say.
I have arranged a meeting with the Weazle, I mean Dr Cross. Let's hope he is as smart as he seems. 
Survivors City
500 men, women, and children. 100 have taken roles directly related to security while another 100 have taking roles as scroungers bringing back anything of use. The rest serve as support personel, improving the encampment, cooking, maintaining supplies and equipment and other areas of support.
Through Sgt Kanes mission to retreave military hardware from the Montana National Guard facilities and storage bunkers and scroungers that aren't killed on the job managed to stock Survivors city with several advanced weapons and equipment.
Though no G-10's were a part of the Montana National Guards armament as yet, they were provided with substantial hardware that the new technologies replaced.

Aquired Equipment being used by Survivors City Defense.
8 MPA-22 Power Armor Suites
4 MPA-22 Improved Power Armor Suites
4 M2A3 Bradley IFV's
2 M1A3 Abrams MBT's
1 USA-L-10000 Defense Laser.
20 light suites of body armor. MDC 40 Not full environmental. Similar to the Huntsman armor
10 Police Special Laser Pistols
2 LSR "Sharpshooter" Laser Rifles
4 Hotseat Plasma rifles
1 GLR 540 Grenade Launcher
2 Striker Rail Guns

Survivors City is just as it sounds. A group of people seeking other people atop the relative saftey of a mountain overlooking the Missoula city ruins. They haven't been there long, but under the quick thinking of Dr. Cross, people are beginning to concentrate on survival instead of living in constant panic.

The city is little more than a small village with a makeshift wall of dirt, logs and concrete. Makeshift bunkers made of sandbags and other salvaged materials make it look more like a military field camp, but in many ways that is what it is.

Most of the people are underarmed and underfed, but that hasn't stopped them from giving their all. With the arrival of Sgt Kane and his Bradley, the town is looking into salvaging more military hardware. Unfortunately that means sending people further away with very little in hopes they can return with something of use.

Out of nearly five hundred people, all have work to do. Severly wounded rarely survive because of the lack of good medical care, but there are plenty of medical supplies to keep a healthy person healthy. Even the few children that are within the walls are giving tasks to complete. "Every one must feel like they have a purpose or their will to survive will faulter." This came from Former Marine Sgt Diggins. Underground green houses are being built along side the bunkers being used for shelter from the elements and attack.

Fuels of all types are being stockpiled and several alcohol stills have been started. Combustion engines can run on the stuff, it burns and can also be used as a disinfectanct. The people of Survivors City might just have a chance.
From the writings of Sgt Jack Kane.

I had managed to convince Dr. Cross to spare some men for a trip to my old training grounds. There we should be able to load up some useful hardware from small arms to a few big guns. There is a lot of danger out there, but as I told the Weazle, one of those big demon beasts could show up any time and Survivors City would be smashed in a matter of minutes. Even with the impressivly powerful homemade explosives he is making, it would likely not be nearly enough.

So we headed out. We have been on the road for several hours and the Bradley seems to be doing fine.  I am hoping that we can avoid contact with hostiles on this trip. We need supplies and that base will have what we need to get started. I met a former Marine Sgt in Survivores city. It turns out Dr Cross wasn't the only one to get people organized. Sgt Diggins is his name. Had to be nearly sixty five years old, but you couldn't tell he had ever been out of the service a day by the way he acted and took charge. When we get back I'm gonna have to spend some time getting to know this man. If he wasn't spec ops I would be surprised, but for now we will have to leave that little village in his and Dr Crosses hands.
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