Rifts Chaos Earth
Rifts Chaos Earth offers a excellent environment to bring together both old and new. I have put together several vehicles with revamped stats and information. Much of it is different from what may be find in the Rifts books because of vehicle specific knolledge and performace on the battle field since Rifts was first introduced.
This should give players and GMs a new perspective on some of that old equipment and equipment up and coming. It is my goal here to show what I have included in my own campaigns and adventures that had proved to be successful and fun for all.
Take a look and deside if there is any thing you like. Feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions. Also I include a short story that follows my twist on this fun game. In this story the super volcano didn't erupt, but several smaller ones did. I have plans for the north west and NORAD.  The destruction is still massive, but it allows for the possibility of survival, however remote that might be. 
Also note that much of this centers around former U.S. military personel and civilians and less on NEMA. It is the untold story. NEMA wouldn't be the only forces left in the territories of the United States and this relflects as much. They would not go quietly into the night as the book seams to claim.
M2A3 Bradley IFV
M1A3 Abrams MBT
From the writings of Sgt Jack Kane, Formerly of the Montana National Guard.

We managed to get a old bradley out of storage. Those bags are supposed to keep a vehicle fresh for a hundred years. So far it seems to have worked.
There are three of us left from my platoon. that is it. I saw the others killed . There was nothing we could do. We hadn't even been issued our weapons yet. We were all still standing in line when some beast that had to be 50 feet tall came smashing through what was left of the front gate and walked right through several buildings like it was a 70 ton tank.. We were hit hard. Two beasts that belong in hell. We managed to kill one of em, but we were taken off gaurd. Six of us escaped that time. six out of a whole damn company. We had no idea what had hit us.

We still have a full load of depleted uranium sabot rounds and half a load of HEAT for the 25 mm cannon, but we can't expect support any time soon, if ever.

Good news for once. We picked up a couple girls... No not for that. Sisters, college students on there way to family in the town we passed through a couple of days ago. They looked like hell, of course so do we. Any way, I hated to tell them that the town was flattened by the beast that took out the other bradley. They were heart broken, but desided to hitch a ride with us to the ruins of Missoula where they were travelling from. Maybe we can find some supplies there. They say a group of people are gathering there. Survivors, That will be a nice change.

The youngest one, Julie is her name. She has taken a liking to my driver PFC Johnson. It helps to see a few smiles along the way. Now, if we just stay alive long enough to make it to there.
MPA-22 Power Armor
MPA-22 Improved
USA-L-10000 Defense Laser
R-32 Railgun
Survivors City
Ken King
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