With lack of an actual personal page for Buffy, I thought Iíd just add this for those interested. Iíve gotten some e-mails asking very nice questions, so here are the most frequently asked ones.

First, quick intro:

My name is Katie. Iím a married mother of three. I baby-sit on occasion, and have had some really terrible jobs like telemarketing. UGH!

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And now for the Q and A portion of our show.

Q: How long have you written?

A: I never tried to write anything until I became obsessed with Buffy. Of course there were this little school fairs where you had to make a storyÖ but I never won. In fact, I may have opted not to participate until it was required. I donít really recall.

Then a fellow Spuffy fan pointed out some fanfiction, and I read quite a bit, then an idea came to me for one (Akoshta) and I thought Iíd give it a shot. That was sometime in Feb of 2002.

Q: When did you start watching Buffy?

A: I have only been into BtVS since October of 2001when FX started rerunning it, then after The Gift aired I had to find out what happened next. I love my computer because with a few P2P programs I was able to dl each ep, and find out what happens. I have no UPN, but we have an affiliate so I can watch new BtVSís on the Saturday following the Tuesday each ep airs originally. Not really convenient, but thanks to some terrific sites like
Leoff Online and Buffyverse along with Kazaa I can usually watch the ep by Tue.

Q: Do you even have spell checker?

A: Yes, and beta readers too. No oneís perfect. Bite me. LoL.

Q: When do you find time to write?

A: Whenever I can. Since Iím a housewifeÖIím home allot. I do it while the kids watch Beauty and the Beast for the 800th time, or while they play in the yard. During nap time, sometimes in the evening. I do it when I can. I also keep a small notebook to write down ideas, but I donít actually write it out until I begin typing.
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