May 7, 2006: The Northampton gallery is up and running, soon to be updated. The thumbnails have been disabled due to lack of storage space but please check it out here. Also up and running are Belchertown, Mountain Park, Buffalo Psych, and Buffalo Central Terminal.

We have contacted the master developer for the site at Belchertown State School. The reuse plan can be found at along with an aerial map of the property.

Abatement and demolotion on the main portion of the hospital is set to begin as early as next month. The buildings of Memorial Complex won't be far behind so please visit the
Hours of Darkness print sale site where you can purchase a signed, limited edition print of Northampton State Hospital. All the proceeds will go to helping fund publication of a Northampton State Hospital phot book. A big thanks to those of you who have already purchased prints. We greatly appreciate the support!

The funds that were so generously donated to the original Northampton project will be used to independently publish a book about Northampton State, including photographs and everyone's stories about exploring the property. We will keep everyone posted.

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Northampton State Hospital History
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