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Hi!Welcome to my brand new site.I got sick of my old one and well I couldn't update it anymore (don't ask:) so I just decided hey what the heck!Make a new one:)hehe.Anyhoo I hope to make this one of the greatest goo sites on the net!!The thing is I need your help!Yeah you!!lol.Send me in anything you could possible say about the best band in the world.Pictures, reviews, stories , poems, dreams, intrepretations(sp?) wishes, any news or why you love them and think they kick a$$:)So start thinking of what to send now and email me!Oh and be sure to sign my guestbook!By the way see those little purty purple butterfly thingys?Well click on 'em to email moi alrighty?Now you can sit back..sip some wine(just kidding:) and  ~*Get DiZzY~*


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Oct 2nd
Whoa I haven't updated in awhile have I?LoL.Anyhoo I've been busy but I'm back..but be patient please:) I will have the new mp3 dates up soon.I have been receiving the form results for my poll so much but I have no clue what to do with them!IIf anyone has any ideas I would love to know.Just because I won't post them on my site doesn't mean you still can't fill it out:) I love reading them.Also I've added kewl stuff to goo obssesion so check it out.There are some really
talented goo fans out there:) I've also changed my voting booth to this months question "Fave Goo Album".Last months poll Black Balloon won by a landslide:)Anyhoo I will be updating often and will try to fix up my goo pics section!I have so many pics and I'll try to set them up.Peace Love and Goo~

Sept 9th
Hey!Anyhoo not much updating going on with skool and all:)But I'll have soem new pics and articles up by next week.This past week the Goo's appeared on Behind The Music & Backyard BBQ.I didn't see any cause I live in Canada:( Anyhoo if you saw it hope ya enjoyed it!Remember the Goo's will be on Rosie Sept 21st.Set your vcr's!lol.Bye all:)

Sept 6th
Hi all..sorry I haven't updated in awhile..just been kinda busy.Anyhoo Happy Labour Day!Be sure to check out the MDA telethon today.The goo's will be performing between 4-4:30 pm est.Also my site has been finally added to the goo webring so go visit other gooey sites by going to webrings and clicking on next site.Anyhoo have a gooey day!

Sept 2nd
Hi all.anyhoo I heard some people were having a little trouble filling out my survey..well anyway I've fixed the prob so go fill it out alrighty!!Also head on over to vh1 to play some kewl goo games like "give johnny a new look" and "bomb buffalo"(?!?).anyway have fun!Amd ny the way if you have any goo reviews poems stories whatever email me with them please!thanks a bunch:)

Aug 31st
Well alot of people took my survey and i will post the answers here when I figure out how?!lol.Also I added Michele's kewl review and updated telegoovision:)So check it out.Also news is out that the Goo's are headlining the mp3 tour so keep checking here for when the dates are released alrighty!I've also added a beautiful poem by kristy under goo obssesesion.

Hey people.I got alot of sections up in my site today.Including a kewl survey so pleasef ill it out!Oh and also vote for your fave goo video in Poll.Also send me in your goo fan stuff alrighty?Thanks

Aug 29
VH-1  Playing 3 times:  11:00 a.m./9:00 p.m./11:00 p.m. (ALL Eastern Time)

Behind The Music:  The Goo Goo Dolls

  A look at the Goo Goo Dolls' "overnight success" after nearly a decade of endless
  touring, nasty legal battles and bitter breakups. Lead singer, Johnny Rzeznik,
  discusses his troubled childhood, meeting bass player Robby Takac at Buffalo
  State University and forming the Goo Goos, firing founding member and drummer, George
  Tatuska, suing their first label, Metal Blade, for breach of contract, his bout with
  depression and finally overcoming his writer's block by penning the Goo Goo Dolls'
  biggest hit, "Iris." Their current album, "Dizzy Up the Girl", debuted at #17 on the
  Billboard Top 200 Chart and has sold over 2 million records to date. Interviews with band
  members John Rzeznik, Robby Takac and Mike Malinin. Also, Peter Paterno (band's
  attorney), Bill Berrol (label attorney), John's sisters, Robby's parents, Artie
  Kwitchoff (former manager), Kevin Weatherly (KROQ) and Rob Cavallo (label
Defintely check this out!!

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