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Hey Freezzer Fans, by now most of you know that the "Save Our Planet" music video is finally out, and temporarily on YouTube!
All music fans everywhwere are encouraged to cue it, review it, even turn it up and rock to it!! And if it gets your blood pumpin,
write a comment and say what you think about it! And don't forget to tell all your friends about it too!
Fans of Johnny Freezze on MySpace, Facebook, and all over the web are giving this video great reviews!!
Of course you can check it out from here too. Just scroll down, and click Enter.

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Johnny Freezze has been a featured solo recording artsit on most every indie music web site around the world.
With his many featured CDs released for sale on CDBaby, iTunes, as well as many other music web sites.
Johnny Freezze songs are becoming popular all over the Internet, satellite radio, and some local radio.
The Beautiful Psycho CD was radio industry tested and rated FOUR STARS by Loggins promotion in
Los Angeles. To learn more about Johnny Freezze, bios, songs, CDs, music videos, and links,

just click ENTER and come on in!

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