The city of Den Bosch has a rich history. Both the inner city as well as the old city walls, gothic cathedral and several other buildings and monuments are worth visiting. Above you see the Sint Antoniskapel, a place of prayer. Next to that you see the Moriaan. An old medieval building that harbors the Tourist Information point. On your right you see a facade of the wellknown Sint Jan, called the Erwtenman.
The main attraction of Den Bosch is the Sint Jan cathedral. It was built between 1380 and 1530 a.c. The tower is a recedue of the Roman precedent of the church we know today. The huge number of statues, triangles, and art reaching for heaven makes the Sint Jan to be the most decorated building of the whole Netherlands. The first photo shows the cathedral. The second photo is the sacrament arcifact and the third photo offers an overview of the inside of the cathedral.
The most wellknown streets of Den Bosch are the Kerkstraat and Hinthamerstraat. In these streets you can find many interesting shops. The Hinthamerstraat is the street we visit most often for the public library is situated there. And seeing we love to chat it is the place to be..
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