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The Dieze
We hope you are not too tired, because the walk to the Dieze is a rather long walk. From the Orangerie you walk via the Hinthamerstraat, Hogesteenweg, to the Dieze. The Dieze used to be the sewer of Den Bosch, but now it is in use for touristic reasons. When spring starts, one organizes boattrips on this river. Last time we did such a boattrip was when Prashanth visited us. During the boattrip a guide was explaining about the Dieze in Dutch so Prashanth couldn't understand it. He thought we would translate it for him but he was wrong (LOL). All in all we had a good time during the boattrip and we would advice you all to do this boattrip when you ever visit Den Bosch.
Voetisch, the dancecentre
After the boattrip we go to Voetisch via the St Jansstraat. Here we can have a drink and think about all the nice things we saw during this beautiful sunny day. Over the weekends Voetisch is being transformed as a dancingplace. Here you can go out and during the week you can go to a dancinglesson. This dancingplace is under the supervision of a nice, great and terrific man Walter.
The Provinciehuis
When you go out of the city and go to the highway you pass the provinciehuis. This is a high modern building near Chris' house. The building is so high that helicopters land on its roof. After you have seen the Provinciehuis you can take your car and drive back home via the A2. For futher information you can contact the VVV.
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