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Welcome to the J&J Rabbitry Website.

We are located in Eastern North Carolina. We currently raise  Mini Rex ,  Holland Lop and Jersey Wooly's, and a few  Nerthland Dwarfs, in our rabbitry.  We are members of the ARBA , NCRBA,  CPRBA, , and ECRBA, My name is Jeri North. I have been raising rabbits since I joined 4-H when I was 8 years old. My daughters Alisa, Kayla and Melinda are involved also. I am the 4-H rabbit leader for Johnston County, NC. We started raising/breeding rabbits here in NC in August, 2000. We will be attending  ARBA shows in NC, VA & SC. We currently have a 50-60 hole Rabbitry and we are still growing! Our rabbits are housed in home built wire cages in our shaded back yard.  They even have their own watch dog. "Winston" our Beagle has his run setup just outside the Rabbitry and he alerts us to any and ALL happenings in the backyard. 

 Kayla has started raising the Holland Lops in April of 2005. Thanks to Beth and Hannah Hayes of Bentwillow Bunnies for her great start in the sweet breed.

My youngest Melinda on her own she raises the Jersey Woolies. And she does do all the brushing on her own! This is a very sweet breed. Thanks to Lisa Byland for the great rabbits she have given to Melinda to get her started!

I raise Mini Rex with Alisa, we love the soft fur!!

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Most of the time we have rabbits for sale. Both adults and babies. Send us a email for more information on what we have. Sorry we don't ship.


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