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Kate's Jennifer Kirk Site
Breaking news~ Jenny has been officially assigned to two Grand Prix events, Thophee Lalique(in Paris) and the NHK Trophy (in Japan)!

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Kate's Jennifer Kirk Site

Welcome to Kate's Jennifer Kirk Site, a website dedicated to the up and coming US figure skater Jennifer Kirk. Jennifer Kirk is an accomplished and well loved American figure skater and among one of the best skaters to come out of the new American generation. Her most prominent accomplishments and titles in skating include: the 2000 World Junior Championship, and the 2002 Four Continents Championship. She also medaled in these events: Bronze at the 2000 Trophee Lalique, Pewter at 2001 U.S. Nationals, Silver at 2003 Skate America, Bronze at 2004 US National Championships, and Bronze 2005 Four Continents. Here you can find lots of fun stuff and information and more about this skating star.

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