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I've finally done it.  On Tuesday night, May 23rd 2000 I walked up to my local weight watchers meeting and joined...... to discover that I have 50 kilos to lose!!!!  How depressing.... all I could think of was oh my gosh, I'm huge, I'm depressed, I need a chocolate.

I've been with my fiance now for almost 6 years.  When I met him, I was about 85 kilos.  I've gained 32 kilos in 6 years!  As long as it doesn't take 6 years to lose it, I'll be happy.

On my quest to find my local weight watchers club, I came accross many wonderful websites by others also trying to win the battle of the bulge.   They have been my insperation, and thanks to their words of encouragement on their websites, I decided to create my own on line weight loss diary.  It will be my way of telling the world I've had enough.  I want to decrease the amount of space I take up in this world, and I want to get started now.  By declaring this to the world, I am hoping that my motivation remains high and that encouragement comes from visitors to my site to help keep me going through my rough patches .

On this note, I'd like to say thanks for visiting, please sign my guestbook, wish me luck with my endeavours and any low cal recipes or weight loss hints and tips would be greatfully appreciated.

Let's begin my journey........


Week One - May 23rd - 30th 2000
Week Two - May 31st - June 6th 2000
Week Three - June 7th - June 13th 2000
Week Four - June 14th - June 20th 2000
Week Five - June 21st - June 27th 2000
Week Six - June 28th - July 3rd 2000
Week Seven - July 4th - July 10th 2000
Week Eight - July 11th - July 17th 2000
Week Nine - July 18th - July 24th 2000
Week Ten - July 25th - July 31st 2000
Week Eleven - August 1st - August 7th 2000
Week Twelve - August 8th - August 14th 2000
Week Thirteen - August 15th - August 21st 2000
Week Fourteen - August 22nd - August 28th 2000
Week Fifteen - August 29th - September 4th 2000
Week Sixteen - September 5th - September 11th 2000
Week Seventeen - September 12th - 18th 2000
Week Eighteen - September 19th - 25th 2000
Week Nineteen - September 26th - October 2nd 2000

UPDATE!!! - January 21st 2001

May 2001 Update

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