Be a Voter!!!
These links can help you register to vote and learn about the issues. Whatever you do just VOTE!
Register to Vote
Choose or Lose
Pay Attention! Vote!
Declare Yourself
America Votes
Punk Voter
WWE Smackdown Your Vote
Links for Georgia Politics
Georgia for Democracy
Southern Democrats
Lefty Blogs Georgia
Georgia Politics
Stonewall Caucus
Democratic Party of Georgia
Southern Heritage PAC
Democratic Party Sites and Supplies
Democratic Party Meetup
Democrats Blog
Campaign Source
Young Democrats
Democratic Stuff
College Dems
Democrats on Myspace
Democratic National Committee
Dem Store
About the War
Cost of the War in Iraq
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Iraq Body Count
Veterans Against the War
Military Familes Speak Out
Wounded Heroes Tribute Page
Other Interesting Sites
Blog for America
Who killed the electric car?
Xpress Your View
Who killed the electric car video part 1
Working For Change
Who killed the electric car video part 2
True Majority
Who killed the electric car video part 3
United for Peace
An Inconvenient Truth
Democracy for America
Inconvenient Truth video
Move On
The Secret
Michael Moore
Buy Blue -- See which party companies support
Political Compass --a test to see where you stand
Politics Test -- another test about your views
Feel free to email me any links you want me to add.
I do not agree with everything in the websites that are listed here. I do think that they are interesting and I wanted to share them. If you have a problem please contact the  appropriate webmaster. Thank you.
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