99 Mitsubishi GST

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 This site is about my car and my love for DSM's.My first DSM was a 97 GS.I had it 3+ years in which I modified it.With the basic bolt ons:intake,header,exhaust,ect......Well needless to say,I found myself wanting more power.We all get bit buy the speed bug sometimes.So I decided to return my GS into a stocker and sell it.Then the moment of truth came to light.My homeboy had just brought a 99 GS-T.I took it out for a test drive and ran upon a Mustang GT.Needless to say he was surprised about the butt whipping he just recieved.

After looking for months all over Texas.I found my GST in Dallas,TX which was in the middle of a pack of 2000's.I brought my 1999 Misubishi Eclipse GS-T in September of 1999.White with custom black leather(2nd choice)..AWESOME....Right now my goal is to have a 12 sec. 1/4 mile daily driven car on race gas.Doing this all while retaining the factory interior...Shouldn't be to hard to do though.With amount of turbo's that we now have available for DSM's.I've decieded to run the Forced Performance Big 28..First,i don't need an install kit..Second,it looks like the factory T25.

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