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Hello and Welcome!!!!

     Hey I am Jackie Williams and I would like to welcome you to my webpage. If you like to go off roading, interested in sports or just like to have a good time this is the place!!!!!!

      The way my page is setup I have a few links that you can click that will take you to the wonderful land of Jack and things.

    As you may see some of the links are quite not ready but they should be ready in the near future. Like with many sites I will try to update on a regular basis so PLEASE bare with me. ENJOY !!!!

   Trooper II- This my truck. Ol' Dusty .Check it out and tell me what you think.Updated on Dec. 31 1999

    Knee-Deep Off- Road Society- A little Off-Roading club started by me and a couple of friends. Pretty interesting.

   Sports World- These are my favorite teams in the sports world. I hope you learn something new.

    Auburn University- This is the official webpage of the Tigers. If you want to learn more about the school check it out

    Adventures in Off-Roading- You can tell by the title!!

    Pics of friends vehicles- Check out a few of my friends rides and probably some of me!!!!

   Outdoor Adventures- Name says it all...

      Pics of Super Troopers


I should have some more links pretty soon so please check back.

You can email me at this address jackospades@mindspring.com

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