McDaniel Farm
On our farm our animals are more like pampered pets than livestock.
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American Poultry Association
One of our younger heifers.  She isn't so small any more!
The Admiral
One of our Delaware Roosters
American Bantam Association
We are currently raising:

- Heinz 57, the back yard variety

- Also the Heinz 57 type
Rare Heritage Turkeys:
-Blue Slates
-Royal Palms
Rare Heritage Chickens:
-Silver Sebrights
-Bantam Silver Spangled Hamburgs
The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
Hatching Eggs FOR SALE:
North American Hamburg Society
1 Dozen Delaware Hatching Eggs  - $25 
1 Dzn Silver Sebright Hatching Eggs - $25 
Hobby Farms Magazine
1/2 Dozen Bantam Silver Spangled   Hamburg Hatching Eggs - $15 
All amounts indicated above include
USPS Priority mail shipping.
Payments must be made via PayPal.
You will receive an e-mail confirmation stating when you hatching eggs will be shipped.

Poultry FOR SALE:

We also sell from our stock when we have an excess.    We hatch eggs regularly in small quantities.

Contact us for availability of poultry and hatching eggs at:

Our flock has been tested and certified Pollorum-Typhoid free.  Certificates included with purchases.
Ideal Poultry
Poultry Breeders Guide - Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys or Geese - Your online source for anything poultry!


Can't hatch eggs?  Don't have room for a rooster?  You can still help out a farmer and also help save the chickens!
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We are located in Santa Fe, TX.
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