The Gully
The Eastern Forest
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Spirit Rock
The Stream
The Western Forest
I n e x i s t e n c e
an equine role playing adventure
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Big Bear Hill
Cougar Jump Cliff
The Granite Slope
the cove
The Goat Path
spring again, but breeding must wait a bit longer.

all characters gain 1 year at this time!
Spring again! Yippee!
it's wet out.... ick.
EVERYONE must know these
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For announcements and discussion out-of-character
Where genetic material is passed on
For statistics and such
Who are you? Where are you? read on...
Get to know some of the characters
Information on wild and domestic horses
request the use of a pic for your character
Some other websites of interest
Offers by the artist...

Oct 4, 2006
- Working on the site...excuse any temporary problems.

also, added link to current art auction in the 'store'
item listed on furbid, ends on the 13th.

I'm just that poor. LOL!
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