Archive of Maxwell K. Robert's Writings.

(Well, also of Jim Morrison's writings, for all that recall that name I went by in my last incarnation)

*waves hand* Anyways, Welcome!!

**UPDATES: Include the two parts of the Tristessa Trilogy in the Marvel section and a Christmas fic of the same fandom And the Last Part of the Clash!!. Comments?/Questions? Address is:*

We also have the gallery up now, the addy is as follows: (There's nothing after the slash, okay. Trust me) So far, there are seven pics, mostly corresponding with the fics here, so have a look, if ya like the addy is posted up there *points up* and give the devil his due, is all I ask. Thanks!

This used to be Soccer and Shades, but is now reborn as such cause of three reasons:

1) Weiss Kreuz really sucked and I have to admit I was totally NOT in my right mind when I was on that vibe. I look back and think WTF?

2) I don't really recall that part of my life ( I'm serious. It's a giant fucken blank here man. I ain't lying. I'm thinking of starting a "Save Maxwell's memory fund")

3) Most of my writing has been born cause of a really good song on the comp and I'm like "Heeyyy!!" So yeah.

Ahem. Anyways, This page (A much scaled down and minimalistic version of my other page) will have the stories I have been working on lately, which are chiefly concentrated on the Lord of the Rings, Real Person Slash and Boondock Saints and Marvel Comics... and...whatever strikes my fancy.

Anyways, oh, yes:

*SLASH is contained within (Meaning Queer As Folk looking dudes getting down with their bad selves and getting to know each other biblically)!! If that is like the bane of your existence, DON'T READ!! I'm not your minder, or crap like that. Also, you send me any type of hate-mail and that crap, I'll be like Liam Lynch "WHATEVER!" You have been warned!!*

Also, this site is gonna be under some heavy duty construction, cause I actually have a job now (seriously) so it may take a while to load up all the stuff. So please be patient and don't strangle me.

Disclaimer: All Characters belong to their respective owners, All human beings belong to..themselves. Songs belong to their respective artists. Not making any profit off of this. It's for fun. Don't Sue, cause I'm skint!

Onwards to the Library!!

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