The Compost

HVPK Noise Division Releases

Several fine, cultivated people have requested more
material from HVPK. Unfortunately, a lot of creative
inspiration and physical wristwork is required to produce
a total, full-length, satisfying release.

To ease your pain, HVPK Noise Division has decided to
randomly release some miscellaneous, horrible garbage
for your bizarre enjoyment. They might be called 'singles'.

Hulluna Nahkaan (31.May.2002)
Sheer precision ("vitun tarkkaa"). A classic.

Sorsan Kuolema (Re-Released 27.Aug.2000)
A classic HVPK masterpiece, originally released in 1994.
This heart-breaking ballad relates the saddest of events -
the demise of a noble bird.

Uralin Toinen Pihlaja (Released 21.Jul.2000)
A folktune in industrial framework. Suitable for removal of phlegm
from ears and elsewhere.

Nazgulin Kadotettu Kives dance remix (Released 20.Jan.2000)
Groovy seven minutes of electro-ambience
and atmospheric triphop. Remixed by djbb.

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