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Welcome to Rico's Outpost !

This site is dedicated to the HUMANX COMMONWEALTH , the amazing science fiction universe created by Alan Dean Foster . In the 2400  ( year 0 after Amalgamation ) humans and the insectlike thranx joined together and formed a confederation. Since then the two races work together and they are culturally and politically amalgamated ,developing an advanced civilization .
But many  planets in and out the Humanx space are still hostile or unknown , and there's room for countless adventures :
            This is the universe of Flinx and the minidrag Pip ,  Skua September,  Ethan Frome Fortune ,  Bran Tse-Mallory , Truzenzuzex, Ryozenzuzex  and many other wonderful characters ...
If you are a fan of Alan Dean Foster I hope you'll find something of your interest , so continue  to read .


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