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Guidelines for joining the Heartland Graphics Committee Webring

~ You must currently use, on your site, at least one of the background sets offered now or in the past by the Heartland Graphics Committee ("HGC"), and/or be a current or past member of the HGC.

~ Your site must have an HGC "Credit Logo" linked to the HGC site on the same page that the graphics are used.

~ Your site must meet all Yahoo! GeoCities TOS Guidelines .

How to Join the Ring

You may use either the NavBar or HTML code for this ring. Instructions for using the NavBar will be emailed to you after joining the ring, regardless of which option you'd prefer. If you want to use the NavBar, follow the instructions in that email, and it will look like this:

If you prefer to use the HTML code, you can follow the steps below after submitting your site to the ring:

~ Save the graphic below and upload it to your site. (PLEASE do not link to the webring graphic!)

~ Find your site ID number by submitting the exact URL that you signed up for the ring with here . Your site ID will be listed next to the ring name.

~ Put in your site ID number in the form below, and click Get HTML.

Ring ID:
Site ID #:

~ From there, you can get the HTML code to copy and paste on your page.

Using the HTML code, the ring looks like this:

Heartland Graphics Committee
This Heartland Graphics Site is owned by Heartland Graphics Committee.
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