ARAB CAVALRY. The figures are a mix and match from Old Glory, Tabletop, Essex and Minifigs. The great paint job is by professionals George Pistov and George Hatzopoulos, and only the dust is missing. All my troops, bar a few, have had their flimsy spears replaced (thousands of holes !)
These are a few of my
favourite troops...
SASSANIDS. The Sassanids were my first-ever army, back in 1981-82, from Mike's Models (Essex today). Those were sold to a friend and I am painting the army again from scratch. Figures are Donnington, AB, Essex and the odd Old Glory.
Arab cavalry
Sassanid cavalry
RUSSIANS-SLAVS. These units will serve a number of different masters apart from the Russ, including Georgians and Khazars. The figures are Essex, but the variety is sufficient for the irregular effect. The foot is mostly Old Glory with some Tabletop. The paint job is professional by Andreas Panagopoulos.
Russ cavalry
MACEDONIANS. There is nothing more daunting than a well-ordered pike phalanx marching your way. Those Romans and Persians really had guts... Figures are Essex and Chariot and the paint job is by Andreas Panagopoulos (Foot and Sarissophoroi) and Antonis Lyberopoulos (Companions). I did do the pikes myself though and what a task... I believe that the infantry taxeis would have presented a uniform, regular appearance, unlike the elite Companions or Sarissophoroi who were the 'old cronies' of the King.
Phalangites galore
GREEKS. These are excellent proof of what one can do with old figures and good mix-n'matching. Most are Donnington with a sprinkling of AB, Chariot and Irregular (I think). The light horse is AB and the psiloi are Essex, Donnington and Chariot. The result is magnificent thanks to the painting of Andreas Panagopoulos and Antonis Lyberopoulos (the light horse and archers)
Companions in Wedge
Greek light horse
Battle Reports
GAULS. Apart from the fact that one needs over 80 barbarian elements in order to play a decent-sized battle, in HOPLON, these troops are truly impressive. The figures are Old Glory, Essex, Donnington and a few Chariot. The paint job is by George Hatzopoulos and the drilling mine (of course).
Gallic Chariotry
ASSYRIANS -EARLY & LATE. This was my first-ever Biblical Army and was designed from the beginning to include all extra troop types needed for dismounting charioteers for both early and late periods. The first photo depicts just that. The paint job is from two exceptional professionals, Greece's pioneer painter, George Pistov, (the Early Assyrians) and Greece's most prolific painter, Antonis Lyberopoulos (the Late ones).
Assyrian Heavy Chariots
Assyrian spearmen
Dismounted nobles with followers
CRUSADERS. This is my favourite medieval army and, together with the Punic Wars, my favourite wargaming period. Nearly all combat styles and tactics are represented and it shows on the troop types as well. The figures are mainly Essex and a few Tabletop, who, despite their age are always a welcome addition. The painting is from Andreas Panagopoulos, Antonis Lyberopoulos and non-professional Vangelis Tsaras. We are really spoiled by our painters in Greece...
Knights Hospitallers
Knights of St.John in Rhodes
Crusading Knights
Crusader spearmen
The Templars
Teutonic knights
BURMESE. These beauties are all Chariot figures painted a while back by Greece's foremost non-pro painter, Kostas Manoussakis, and myself (I did half the elephants). The problem with these is their lack of opponents. I do play against a friend's Indians and the result is never boring, but Kampucheans are what is needed and they are low on my priority list.
10th C. BYZANTINES.These are some of my oldest troops, from Tabletop and my own castings (the Alan light horse on the right of the cavalry photo) when I still had the time to paint an army in less than a year and even make my own silicon molds for troop variety. They have the rare distinction of having played 6th edition, 7th edition, DBM and now HOPLON. I think they are still more than adequate even by modern standards.
Byzantine infantry
Byzantine cavalry
Greek psiloi
1st C.AD IMPERIAL ROMANS.  I think that no wargamer's den is complete without at least one Roman army. The opponent options are simply staggering. I have opted for a combination of troops of the early/middle era and am expanding into the Marian era to allow for a smooth transition. Republicans and Late Imperials are next. The figures are mostly Chariot and Essex and the paint job is Andreas' and partially mine.
Roman Catafracti
Roman Army deployed
Roman war engines
Sassanid cavalry
Hoplite phalanx
Sarissophoroi in Wedge
Theban deep phalanx
Slav foot
ACHAIOI. This is an army given to me by Antiohos Barzoukas (historic name) as a gift. His painting is an excellent example of 'unit effect' rather than individual excellence. I have added spears of course and have redone the bases. The figures are mostly by Chariot.
Achaian army deployed
Gallic warbands
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