Most of what we normally call PE would be organized games, calistenics, organized physical activities where someone tells students what to do and they do it. 

For the most part, yes that could be PE.  However, as a home schooler we have taken a look at the physical activity of our children and rethought our philosophy of Physical Education. 

Many of the photos you will see here on these pages consist of our children playing and having fun.  What you do not see is how many times in the dead of winter when the wind chill factor is so cold that the inside of your nose freezes upon walking out the door, that my children run up and down the steps 20 times, wrestle with their daddy or dance to music that praises God.  These days are cherished just as much as the days when we're outside playing in the sprinkler while watering the garden. 

Physical Education can take place at the dinner table when we're talking about eating a good balanced diet.  When we discuss eating, we also discuss breathing and moving as essential elements of life.  In order to make our heart work, we have to move.  In order to make our lungs work to get oxygen to the heart, we have to breathe.  In order to help our bodies replentish itself, we have to eat good food.  Most of the time, our intellectual knowledge of physical education has been done at the dinner table, cooking in the kitchen together or driving somewhere. 

Physical education is important to all of us.  It is important for us as adults to show our children a healthy level of activity during all of the seasons.  I know that many of us are more sedentary during the winter months just because it's colder outside and we really like being warm.  This is how it is most of the time for myself.  I know that it takes my feet literally FOREVER to warm up after being out in the cold.  However, it is important to make sure the snow is cleared off the side walks for everyone's safety as well as the vehicles in case we need to go somewhere quickly.  I normally go out and take care of the snow covered sidewalks and vehicles before anyone else does.  I must be quicker at getting my inside chores done.  Scooping snow has never been a burden to me and I enjoy getting fresh air.  In my opinion, this is a good thing to show my children.  It not only shows them about our responsibilites to our neighbors as well as our family's safety, but it also shows a love to get our work done willingly and cheerfully.  Scooping snow is also physical activity which shows the children an importance in being active for maintaining our bodies.

Physical Education can and does occur in every day life.  Simple every day activities like going for a walk can be rewarding to our relationships, but it also helps our hearts and our souls.  A simple walk can be time when we commune with our Lord.  There have been many times when I've taken my praise music with me on a walk and watched the sun rise above the trees to the words "I'll stand in Awe, of You Jesus! Yes I'll stand in Awe of you!"  It is totally breathtaking and absolutely wonderful!  It's important to share all the importance of being active for the sake of our bodies, minds and spirits. 
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