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Hello! My name is Regina and these are our little blessings, Daniel, Heidi and Jacob. We home school our children in order to "train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." (Proverbs 22:6) Our training is not like the conventional public school, but rather in real life. While other children are in school, Daniel, Heidi and Jacob are learning to speak to eachother in love. They are learning the value of teamwork by putting dishes away--each one according to their abilities. They write on the dry erase board the new words they are learning or to draw just for fun. Recently Daniel spelled all of his spelling words on the dry erase board. More than doing dishes and having fun on a dry erase board, they are learning responsibility. Responsibility begins with learning to care for oneself and one's personal items like a bed, toys and clothes as well as one's pets. The children are learning the importance of keeping their rooms dusted weekly because of dust mite allergies; swiffering and mopping floors because it's fun; and putting their own clothes away because everything has a place. Contained within these pages, what you will not see is a conventional approach to education. Education happens at the drop of a hat in our home and usually more often than not, the camera is not available to document those moments. Rest assured though, learning is taking place! Recently we went to Lowe's and while Daddy was off doing his calculating with Jacob; Daniel, Heidi and I were calculating the difference in sizes of freezers by cubic feet. In order to calculate cubic feet, one needs to understand what a cubic foot is. The kids and I discussed all of the aspects of each freezer and which ones are bigger or smaller than our current freezer. We discussed estimation as well as height, width and depth because the question came up from those measurements that were seen on the information cards with the freezers. We are not perfect by far, but as scripture says, we are forgiven. We hope you enjoy the pages contained within this site. Please email us if there are any problems accessing anything, viewing pictures or just to comment. We would love to hear from you! :)
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