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Andrea Chan Wing Shan
Andrea Chan is a Registered Music Therapist graduated from Australia, Sydney in 1999. Since then she works in Hong Kong as a Music Therapist specailizing in early training program with children from 0-6 years old. The youngest child she has worked with was 15 months.

Andrea has held different introductory music therapy workshops and talks with various organizations. She has been interviewed by RTHK, Cable News, Creation TV, Ming Pao, South China Morning Post and has written health colum in Health Plus Magazine.

In January 2005, Andrea joined a Christian Medical team to Medan and Aceh, Indonesia  after the tsunami. They have set up a clinic at the local refugee camp, visited the local Chinese church, school and hospital. Andrea took her music and brought joy to many children and adults while they were in their most difficult time.

Andrea works mainly at Watchdog Early Learning and Development Center as the Music Therapist, and she works privately as well. Since 2005, Andrea started serving children with visual impairment at Ebenezer. With the help of the multi-disciplinary team, they are able to form successful treatment programs for the children with visual impairment or with blindness. She was also the Chairman of the Hong Kong Music Therapy Association from 2004-2006.

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