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Little House
This is the LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE Encyclopedia
The official "unofficial" guide to Michael Landon's legendary television series.


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Last updated August 2, 2009

Hello, Little House fans! First off, I know you've been dying to see an update, but although you have not seen any lately in terms of content as to the LHOTP characters and season summaries, rest assured that this site is as timeless as the series itself.
This site has been (and in my mind, still is) a labor of love for both me and you fans. It is my personal tribute to such a great family series that is still airing worldwide in reruns. To all the fans who have contributed to this site and even forwarded me rare photos pertaining to LHOTP, I thank you.
But, as you may know by now, GeoCities (the server hosting this site) will be closing down in October. It is very sad to see the server the same time, I am grateful for the opportunity to have kept this web site up for all of you Little House fans. With that in mind, this site will continue in some form after Geocities' closing. I turn to you fans of "Little House" to keep the legacy of this fan site alive.
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...and the creator of "Little House On The Prairie", Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Also dedicated to Michael Garrett Boxleitner, the son of Melissa Gilbert, and in whose soul a piece of Michael Landon will live on...and to the millions and millions of fans worldwide who still watch "Little House On The Prairie" day after day, week after week...

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Welcome one and all to this homepage for one of the most treasured and most popular family shows of all time...LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.

This is the definitive guide to almost every character, event, and place in Michael Landon's long-running series and movies.

From Charles Ingalls to Nellie Oleson, from Walnut Grove to Mankato, from Isaiah Edwards to Nathan Simms, from the Cooper children to the Sanderson orphans...everything you ever wanted to know about the characters, situations, and events in Little House will be on this page.

DISCLAIMER:Please note that this web site is based solely on the television series and not upon the Laura Ingalls Wilder novels on which the series itself is based, so therefore events in the original novels are not deplicted in this site.
Also, many entries in the encyclopedia mention events that are not deplicted in the series. This was done merely for the purpose of bringing closure to the stories of certain characters and situations, and in effect filling in the gaps the television series could not.


In 1974, just after the demise of the long-running Western "Bonanza", the National Broadcasting Company laid plans for a two-hour television film with the same family-oriented quality as its predecessor. Michael Landon, who had helped propel "Bonanza" to success, was commissioned by the network to produce a film based on a best-selling series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. That film was "Little House On The Prairie". The movie told of a post-Civil War young pioneer family struggling to make ends meet on a small house on the prairie hills of Kansas, with disasterous consequences. The film ends sadly with the group leaving their treasured home (having been driven out by Government order) for another life. The film left audiences wondering what would happen to this family called the Ingalls?

The question was answered in a subsequent television series that ran for eight years. The series version of "Little House" had the Ingalls finally establishing life in a small town called Walnut Grove, Minnesota. There, they would meet their "harvest of friends" from a good-natured minister to a loner-turned-family man, from a pesky housewife to a hard-working lumber man. At the helm of its run was the heart and soul of the show, Michael Landon, who served as executive producer for the entire run of the series. He also frequently wrote and directed. His good friend and co-star, Victor French, also had a hand in directing.

When the original series ended its run in 1982, Michael Landon left Walnut Grove. But viewers wanted the exploits of Walnut Grove to continue, so "Little House" was brought back briefly for the 1982-83 fall season, re-tooled and re-built around co-star Melissa Gilbert, and re-titled "Little House: A New Beginning". Replacing the Ingalls were a country-life family called the Carters, but most of the major characters from the previous series remained. Unfortunately, the show's ratings were dismal, and not even occasional guest appearances by Michael Landon and Allison Arngrim ("Nellie") would save the show.

When "...A New Beginning" was canceled, the storyline was left without some type of closure. So NBC decided to produce three tele-films to wrap up "Little House" forever. The first, broadcast in 1983, called "Look Back To Yesterday", more or less wrapped up the storyline of Albert Ingalls. The following year, in the spring of 1984, NBC aired "The Last Farewell", which purported to have brought the entire series to a conclusion with the destruction of Walnut Grove. Although it was the last "Little House" story to be filmed, it was not the last to be broadcast, for NBC had one final "Little House" telefilm that had not previously was a Christmas story called "Bless All The Dear Children", about the kidnapping of Laura's baby girl Rose. This aired in December of 1984.

Since the last "Little House" telefilm, several members of the cast (including Michael Landon) have passed on. But a piece of the man who brought "Little House" and several other shows (including "Father Murphy" and "Highway To Heaven") is kept alive by Melissa Gilbert (his "Little House" co-star) through her son, Michael Garrett Boxletiner.

Meanwhile, the syndication rights to "Little House" are now held by Paramount Domestic Television, which recently became part of CBS Corporation (a result of the splitting apart of former corporate parent Viacom). The remaining rights are still held by NBC/Universal. The show itself continues to be seen every day in many countries around the world (including TBS Superstation) and in many different languages.

As for the future of "Little House", a new complete series box set by Lionsgate is due to be released to DVD later this year, assuring fans of the continuation of the legacy that the late Laura Ingalls Wilder and Michael Landon have built.

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If you have a LHOTP site and would like for me to include it on this page, E-mail me and I will include it in this section.

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