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This is a very, very bad summary...
The Kids in the Hall was created in Toronto at Second City by Kevin McDonald and a few other people in 1982, soon after Dave Foley joined the troupe. In Calgary in 1981, Mark McKinney and Bruce McCulloch form the Audience. Then in 1983 Bruce and Mark moved to Toronto were Kevin and Dave performed as the Kids in the Hall. In 1984 Mark and Bruce join the Kids, and Mark interduces Scott to the rest of the troupe, he performs as a special guestand then in 1985 Scott becomes a member. 1985, Mark and Bruce move to New York City to be writters for Saturday Night Live, Scott and Kevin join the touring Second City Improv group, and dave stars in the flim High Stakes. The Kids are reunited in 1986 and perform regularly at the Rivoil Club, SNL producer Lorne Michaels sees them perform and in 1987 brings them to New York. 1988 is when the Kids star in their own HBO special. In 1989 they have their own television show, whice airs for five years on the CBC, CBS, Comedy Central, and HBO. Brain Candy, the Kids first feature flim, comes out in 1996. Each of them goes different ways, each star or appear in movies, guest star on various television shows, or in Dave's case have their own show like Newsradio. In 2000 they reunite again for a tour called Same Guys, New Dresses. Each appear in more shows and movies until they get together again in 2002 for their Tour of Duty. Who knows what is instore for the Kids in the future.
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