Physics and Astrophysics Lecture Notes - Part 19

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Mathematical Aspects of Cosmology: (QMUL)
2010 Lecture Notes
Notes 30
Notes 31

Some extra notes: (Swarthmore College)
FRW Metric
Short notes on Tensors

Mathematical Physics (Imperial College)
Statistical Mechanics IV (Univ. of Heidelberg)

3C36 Cosmology and Extragalactic Astronomy: (UCL)
Cosmology notes incomplete from 2000.

3C35 Astrophysical Processes: (UCL)
Stellar Structure and Evolution

PHY319 Quantum Mechanics A (QMUL):

Polymers - Electron in a box
Finite potential well
H+ ion
Harmonic oscillator
Postulates of Quantum Mechanics
Probability currents
The Hydrogen atom - see also Part 9 for more QM notes and solving the Radial Eqn, 2B22 Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics B
Scanning Tunneling Microscope

ME563 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics (Univ. of Wisconsin)

ASTM002 The Galaxy cont. - extra notes (QMUL):
Galaxy Revision Notes
ASTM002 Exam 2006

1B02 Physics of the Universe - Part II: (UCL)
Galaxies Partial notes 2011 incomplete
Distance Scales
1B02 Handout 1 summary.

ASTM116 Astro-Plasmas cont. - extra notes (QMUL):
Average Solar Wind properties

Magnetohydrodynamics extra notes on MHD (LRA)
Kinetic Drift Eqn - derivation

Astrophysics Degree Outline (QMUL)

MAPS Faculty Degree requirements (UCL)

General undergraduate Physics textbook is available:
R.A. Serway, R.J. Beichner, Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics online

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