Adam Hutchins

I just want to say that this website is TERRIBLE and you are obviously BLIND to have such anti-Bush views. He is a true hero who has the level headedness, virtue, strength, and backbone to stand up for the American people and defend us, unlike the lying, weak, spineless, democrats. For Heaven's sake, man, wake up and smell the B---s--- that John Kerry is trying to force down your throat.

So in summary you like Bush because you think you know his personality even though you don’t know him. You also think you know Kerry’s personality and you don’t like it. I disagree with judging people based on abstract concepts of who they are, and prefer to go with the facts, and because of that I’m blind, and need to wake up? Is that about it?

George W. Bush does NOT suck!! It is John Kerry who threatens our great nation. His pledge of a "more sensitive war on terror" says it all. Please tell me how you can vote FOR a war which you claim is the "wrong war at the wrong time for the wrong reason," vote AGAINST funding to supply the troops for this war, and then BLAME BUSH for the death of American troops. How can you not see that this is TOTAL B---S---!!!?

OK, so you claim I need to see Kerry’s B.S., but you listen to the RNC’s total B.S. taking Kerry’s quote about being less arrogant with other nations out of context to mean he doesn’t want to fight terrorists. Can you say hypocrisy?


Your site makes me sick. You obviously have no education or anything you are talking about.

I obviously have no education or anything I’m talking about? Ouch, that hurts

It is un-americans like you who ruin america. Vote Kerry? Not in a million years.

So your a patriot because you support Republicans in elections, but I’m un-American because I support Democrats?

That dumbass cries about jobs in America?? I challenge you to buy a bottle of Heinz ketchup and read the back label of where it was made! You uneducated punks!

There’s actually a bottle in my fridge, I read the back. Here’s what it says......


O.K. so my Heinz is manufactured in America by a division located in Pennsylvania. What’s your point?



I am glad that you leave the signings of those who disagree with you. That is very admirable. I happen to be a Bush supporter who really really wishes all of this election could be going on without so much hatred (which I personally do not understand)

Listen you stupid son of--- wait, that was actually a pretty reasonable post. Wow. That’s pretty rare in my guestbook.

I do not think Bush sucks. I thought he was a so so President until about three days after 9-11 when he looked at the camera and promised us that he would dedicate his presidency to finding those responsible, making them pay, and doing his best to see that it never happened again. So far he is and so far it hasn't.

Words are meaningless. What matters are actions. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. The war in Iraq has been a total distraction from the war on terror. Osama is still alive, the Taliban and Al Queda have regrouped and taken over much of Afghanistan. Hundreds of dead from terrorist attacks in Spain and Indonesia. Who knows how many American soldiers have been killed in Iraq by Al Queda members entering the country to blow up a car at a check point. Actions speak louder then words and Bush putting 150,000 troops in Iraq and only 10,000 troops in Afghanistan speaks volumes.



Wow your a ----in moron! Your stupid --- site ----- ----- by the way. You must be a Kerry supporter, you ----------!

I guess you figured that out from the Kerry banners that were on the site.

Bush is the Best! You are the one that sucks!
Good Luck with that!


Anne Jones

Do you really think people are stupid to believe this crap you're peddling?

Do I think people are stupid to believe what’s I’m “peddling”? Um no, I don’t think people who like my site are stupid.

Oh, I am so sure these are real pics. Do I look stupid to you?

Yes, yes you do.

So sorry to say good ol George is ahead for now. Bush in 2004!

You were sorry when your candidate was ahead in the polls? Wow, you must have been devastated when he won.


i bet you all didnt know that just a few weeks ago we found 12 mustard gas canisters in iraq,

I remember hearing about something like this like 8 months ago. It turned out to be pestecide or something. Anyways Bush’s own personal inspectors say there were no WMDs, even Bush admits they’ve found nothing.

this is evidence that the liberals are controlling the media.

Apparently that’s why a majority of Americans thought we went into Iraq because Saddam was the mastermind who attacked us on 9/11. The liberal media wanted people to support going to war with Iraq because they knew the occupation would be a failure and hurt Bush’s approval rating. O they’re crafty.

i would recommend that all you ultra liberals just move to france where they accept your kind.

I would recommend that all you ultra conservatives just move to the Saudi Arabia where they accept your kind.

political pop quiz:

i call myself a war hero, yet i called my fellow soldiers war criminals.

When did Kerry say “the American soldiers are all war criminals”? Kerry told the truth about what everyone knew was happening in that awful war.

i voted for the war in iraq, but voted against the weapons to fight it.

It’s called a protest vote. The bill passed with like 90 votes. The vote wasn’t against the weapons, it was against the Republicans unreasonable straight deficit spending fiscal policies.

i say i support the tax cuts, yet i voted against all of them.

Kerry supported tax cuts for the middle class. Bush proposed tax cuts where a majority went to the middle class.

i strongly oppose the patriot act, but i voted to allow it.

He never strongly opposed the Patriot Act. There are certain parts of it he wants removed. Not even the most liberal of senators (Boxer and Wellstone) voted against that bill. It was voted on before anyone could read it.

do you know who i am? im john f. kerry

A war hero who tells the truth about a war based on lies. He protests deficit spending and wants the tax burden taken off middle class families. A man who doesn’t arrogantly stay the course when everything he thought has been proven wrong, and all his plans have been disastrous. I can see why you hated him so much.
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