G.W. Bush has restored honor to the whitehouse. (by stealing an election? Through constant lies? by spitting on the constitution?) he has given us our money back. (you get a few hundred now, millionaires get a few million, but when you retire you won't get squat cause of him) He has proved missle defense works. (Missile Defense doesn't work! It never has! This piece of garbage designed to protect us from the soviets is not needed.) He has made a courageous decision on stem cell research. (By not choosing either side) President Bush has won every recount by the liberal media in Florida, (only ones done by machines) even when dimpled chads are counted! (Actually he's lost all of the hand recounts) President Bush won Florida at least 9 times Now! (Gore won it ethically, morally, in reality, it's obvious more people wanted to vote for him, + he's won every post Dec. 12th recount)
Who would have though one could find such a redundant webpage. (What's your point??) My advice to you is to join a seminar calling phonebank, and call the RL show. (I wouldn't waste my time with that fat ass) It wont do you much good, (then why call?) I have yet to hear a liberal call in with an idea that has not been shot down. (That's because he hangs up on them, or dosn't let them on the air) You people feel too much. (what???) Administer some brain power before making political decisions. (that's what Democrats do, we base our votes on the best candidate, not a couple hundred bucks which will destroy social security, the enviorment, and all social programs) Democrats, who needs them. (Working Famlies and the enviorment)
Hate Mail Replies
These are republican letters I've got in my guest book, I reply to them in parenthesis, and in bold
Idiot #1
Idiot #2
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Idiot #3
You liberals just can't get over the fact Bush won. (He Stole the election) Florida's UN-Supreme Court violated the U.S. constitution. (Actually that was the Supreme Court who denied the rights of voters) I get so sick of a bunch of whiney SOCIALIST liberals that want to tax the living daylight's out of working people like me and GIVE it away to a bunch of crack smoking, lazy, non-working, Oprah watching leaches. (actually Clinton virtually eliminated welfare, so it must be the senior citizens your bashing. Democrats are for working families, Republicans are for big business.) Democrats are Socialist's!! (Democrats are Democrats, It's the name of the party smart guy) Remember Hitler? (Far right wing) NAZI's? (Far right wing party) Nazi was short for National Socialist Workers Party. (A far right wing party) Get a life you Facist!! (Facist isn't a political party, or a word for that matter big guy, you can‘t make a very convincing argument when you can‘t spell fascist)
"Responce" to Republican hate? Try "response"! (1 typo I fixed a couple day later, but I'll give that to you, my bad, though you called me a "Facist” which isn't even a word, so were tied 1-1) Where'd you learn to spell? Clinton Elementary? (What does that mean? There's no chance in hell Bush is even half as smart as Clinton, so I hope your not dissing Clinton's intelligence.) Figures. Republican hate, my a$#.(You called me a Nazi, which I'd call that moronic and hate at the same time.) This site is Democrat hate. (Pointing out the stupidity of a moron isn't hating anyone it's informing people of a fact.) Full of lies. (not one) Full of sh*t, too. (That's not a nice thing to say about Bush's face.) Go live in some socialist country, (Ok, as soon as you go to some right wing dictatorship country) you no spelling moron! (Three times as smart as Bush, twice times as any republican:)
Idiot #1 (again!)
you stooopid dickhead (watch your language Idiot #1)...you say that Klinton virtually eliminated welfare? (unemployment was at 2% under Clinton) he had to, you stoooopid ass. hte Congress was run by the Republicans and if he would've vetoed it, it'd get passed by 2/3 majority like the costitution says (actually he was pushing for welfare reform, and republicans sent him 2 bills he didn‘t like, and he vetoed them, and the third one he liked, and signed it.) and ... but Dimocraps don't believe in the constitution...they try to eliminate it...like Florida 2000...like New Jersey 2002. (Like Bush stealing the election, like John Ashcroft detaining people without right to a lawyer, a trial, or being told what they’ve been charged with, like TIPS, and Total Information Awareness) you need to go back to school, you fuckin' idiot communist asshole! (look at your message, full of words like hte, and costitution, your best insults are fuckin idiot communist asshole, come on now Idiot #1) and you're site sucks. mine is better, but you need a password and a high school education to get into it...of which you have neither. (So your too stupid to make a website) AHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! (wow, bet you have a lot of friends)
Idiot #1 *sigh* (AGAIN!)
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