GWBblows Cartoons
(Cartoons actually made by the creator of this site) :)
Who cares if they were made mostly with MS paint? They get the point across.
George Dubya Bush Blows! He's a idiot! See funny George Dubya Bush Comics! George Dubya Bush Blows! He stole the elction! See funny George Dubya Bush Comics! George Dubya Blows! Bush went AWOL! Bush is Ruining the country! Come see Geroge Dubya Bush pictures! See funny George Dubya Bush Comics! Funny George Dubya Bus! George W. Bush is stupid! George W. Bush Comics. Wanted Dead or forgotten (Osama Bin Laden) A message from the Bush administration. News in the year 3000, comic, comic of bush "press confrence, avoiding the question, and giving B.S. answers about 9-11 and Iraq being linked.  Comic that the UN is relevant, 57 years witout world war 3, the UN. Vote Kerry Cartoons, Vote Edwards Cartoons, Vote John Kerry and John Edwards, It's your choice America.... Bush and Cheney or Kerry and Edwards. Resotore Honor and Integrity to the whitehous. Vote Kerry Edwards.

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See GWBblows Cartoons page 2
Put up 7/9/04
See GWBblows Cartoons page 2
I support the John Kerry John Edwards ticket. Fuck Ralph Nader. George W. Bush must go. I am terrible at photoshop, and can't make very good cartoons or comics. The 7/9/04 one turned out pretty good but you can tell the rest are kind of funny how bad they are. So in closing, I'll say, funny, hilarious, bush, cartoon, comic, hilarious, stupid, silly, dubya, dubbya,  laugh, all for hits! hooray! All these funny picures and images were made by me, feel free to steal them, but ldon't change them or take off the adress. Bush stole the election. lol.
political cartoons, George Dubya Bush Blows, Vote Kerry Edwards cartoon, would you rather have Kerry Edwards, or Bush Cheney cartoon. Also, cartoon on Bush press confrence before the war, his avoiding questions, and going on about 9/11, there is also a second page of cartoons.
Election 2004 cartoon, shrunk to save space for toons page
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