Caiphus Cain & the 597th Vallhallans
    An Imperial Guard Army
My latest 40K Army is one based on the Caiphus Cain novels written by Sandy Mitchell. Caiphus is a Commissar who becomes a Hero of the Imperium not withstanding his reluctance to be in the thick of action but against all odds comes through a Hero. I guess sort of the Flashman or Blackadder of 40K but a more Human Character!
The picture shows Caiphus & his faithful aide Gunner Jurgen with his Melta Gun which has saved the day (& Caiphus!) on many occasion.
This is the Salamander Scout Vehicle Caiphus uses for his personal transport, chosen no doubt because of its superior speed to help him escape bad situations!
Jurgens driving is apparently a very frightening thing to anyone in the area but his flare has helped them suvive for over a century.
The Salamander is classed as a Fast vehicle & is armed with an Auto Cannon & hull mounted Heavy Bolter.
This is a Chimera Armoured personnel carrier used by the Valhallans to transport a company of 10 Troopers to the scene of the Action.
This one is armed with a Multi Laser in the turret & a Heavy Flamer in the Hull mount.
The commander has a Storm Bolter mounted on his hatch.
There are also 3 Lasguns in ports along the crew compartment on each side.
The Dozer Blade helps clear difficult terrain particularly in Cities of Death scenarios
This is a Leeman Russ Battle Tank
which is the main Tank of the Imperial Guard.
This one is armed with a Battle Cannon in the Turret, a Hull  Lascannon  & a Heavy Stubber on the turret hatch.
Combined with good armour the Russ's are a formidable force on the battlefield
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