Motor Racing
My first real Road Race at Warwick Farm Short Circuit in 1963 in my G.T. Cortina which unfortunately was a "Friday" built car which had many problems, gearbox, brakes & the wrong camshaft !
After a few races I sold it & purchased a Hillman Gazelle as Hilmans had always preformed well for me in Rallies & Hillclimbs etc.
My 1964 Hillman Gazelle which was a real "Q" car in those days. Hillmans were not considered a "sports Sedan" but the Gazelle which was the first model produced by Chrysler after they purchased the Roots Group had the Sunbeam Alpine 1850cc Alloy Head engine with a twin choke downdraft carburettor & smaller diameter wheels which lowered its center of graverty.
This is the Holden X2 I co drove with Nick Leddingham in the 1968 Sandown 3 Hour Race. I drove the car to Melbourne to get the "feel" of it. Although very fast you could not "heel & toe" in it due to the placement of the pedals! This made really fast laps a challange. The X2 had a floor shift & a Limited Slip Diff which helped get it around the 2 sharp corners at Sandown. We finished 2nd in Class C to a semi works Renault Gordini.
The Gazelle regulary beat Alfa Gulia Super sedans in hillclimbs & short circuit races & became a regular class winner in Div 2 Touring car Races. Div 2 was restricted to what was done to the vehicle in the way of modifications. My Gazelle had a rear Panhard rod fitted & anti Tramp bars, racing shocks, 6" rims & dyno tuning. Depending on the gearing a standard Gazelle could hit 105 MPH & could see off the 998cc Cooper S Minis in races. Both photos are at Warwick Farm Long Circuit but I raced the Gazelle at Bathurst, Amaroo & Oran Park from 1964 through to 1967
Sedan Car Races:- 1963 - 1968
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