( Judith Anne Hickson 1938-2006

                  I trekked through life along a narrow pathway         
                  Hemmed in  
                  By tall fences
                  With no horizon to brighten up the way

                  Then she came

                  Like the new growth of living things in Spring
                  Like the breath of Jasmine on a Summer Breeze
                  Like the warmth of a late December sunrise
                  And gentle as the ripples on a small lagoon

                  We talked

                  And as we came to understand each other
                  A feeling grew and grew
                  Not only Love but understanding and compassion
                  Not just for us but others too
                  She gave me what I never had in youth

                  And now

                  At this later time a Love and feeling
                  That whatever Time and Fate may hold in store
                  I will be a better man because of her!

              Written & copyright by Barry Hickson, (gully_raker) 1970
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