hchome_b.gif More Kendals....
savoy.jpg mum_and_dad_text.jpg
The Kendals at the Savoy for Laura's
77th birthday
Mother and daughters play Ophelias,
Laura in 1936, Jennifer in 1950.
Felicity did her bit on "Shakespeare
Wallah" but never performed it on
stage. This is the looney little girl
that bemoans the death of her father
and sings a downer song while
throwing flowers around.
Felicity at age 12
playing "Puck"
in "A Midsummer
Nights Dream"
This was Felicity's
first major role
on stage.
jennifer_kendal042.jpg play_k.jpg
Geoffery and Laura
in 1935 playing David
Garrick in Laura's
parents back yard.
Felicity in 1972
2000 Good Wrench
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