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A Youse Is In the House!

A youse is in the house,
the youse that took my mouse.
Its worser in the cursor
and its crawling up my blouse.

A scooters in my puter,
and our stuffys think its cuter
when the youse with the mouse
goes running thru the house.

Theres spaghetti in my teddy,
and a poster in the toaster,
and a mink in the sink,
and he wants to have a drink.

And the minks in the sink
and the posters in the toaster
and the teddys with spaghetti
and the scooters in the puter
and the cursors getting worser
and the mouses in my blouse

all becuz......

A youse is in the house!

"A Youse Is In the House!" © 1997 by Christine Madeline Patricia A.
Not for use without the express written consent of MakersDozn.

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