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Okay, originally this page was gonna be about things that suck. Well, so many things suck that it's hard to pick only a few to write about here. The world sucks and a lot of people and things and events and stuff suck. But enough about that.

See, after a while I kind of got this idea that maybe it would be better to talk about what doesn't suck. It took me time to understand that there is some good stuff in my life. And that's what I mean, and that's what I'm going to write about here.

So here it is:


  1. My inside family
  2. Our inside house and the land we live in (or on....whatever)
  3. The inside animals we have
  4. The stuff our bigs believe in and teach us
  5. Our two outside nieces
  6. Our friends (especially the ones at Mosaic Minds)
  7. The T we used to have
  8. The T we have now
  9. Our website
  10. The Yankees (no matter what people from Boston say)
Oh yeah. Two more things. One is that my bigs want me to say that I'm a leader of the Kool Kids along with Hannah and Jeannine. I don't care if outside people know or not, becuz I'm not looking for anyone's approval.

The other thing is that I had to draw a picture of myself cuz of all the gazillion clipart CDs we have and all of another gazillion clipart websites, I couldn't find anything that looks like me. And that only shows that some things still do suck.

My sisters' pages:
Frieda's Page under the willow tree arianna's Tigger page
We also have a sister that's older than Frieda. Don't ask.

My first page that wasn't really a page

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