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Hi, my name is Christine. I am 8 and a half and Joseph is my twin brother. We used to be 8. Here is why we got older.

I used to do stuff that was not very nice. But now I always try my best to be good. Charity takes care of us inside and she says that all kids are wonderful and important. I like that. It makes me feel good.

Before I started being nice I kept trying to act too grown up. And I didn't know how to play or have fun or do stuff that kids like to do. My inside family and my puter friends helped me learn how to play and have fun.

Christine's Poetry

I was very happy when i saw how much people liked the poem i wrote.

I am learning something else too. I used to think it was wrong to have feelings. Now I know that all my feelings are okay. It's what I do with them that counts. I am learning to show my feelings in a good way. This helps me feel good too.

Things I Like

I like playing Barbie. I have a Barbie and a Kelly and some clothes for them and other fun stuff. I like dressing them up and fixing their hair. I also like sparkly things and the color pink but I guess you can see that.

Things I'm Good At

I helped do some of the graphics on the Kool Kids pages, like Deidra's and Sophie's. This was fun and cool becuz I learned I'm good at it. So now I get my own design logo cuz I'm an artist. smiley

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