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Gardner After Midnight is dedicated to exploring
the strange, unusual and paranormal events that have occured in
Gardner, Massachusetts.
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Have you had a paranormal (or at least strange) experience in Gardner, Massachusetts ?
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*Gardner's Severed Hand of 1918 - Found in the woodpile of local Church.
* Heywood Lightning Strikes More The Once - Paranormal Lightning Strikes in protest to demolition of local landmark?
*The Ku Klux Klan of Gardner
- Proving that bigotry exist even in Gardner
*Lightning strikes once in Gardner
- The weird tale of how lightning struck only once.
*The Luckiest Man in Gardner - Shot twice in in a Revolutionary War battle but not injured.
* Phantom Car On Kelton Street - A late night ride into a mystery
* The Strange Grave Of Ebenezer Bolton

*Was It A Dream? A Ghost? An Alien Abduction? Or What? -
You read it and decide for yourself.
* Werewolves Of Gardner?!? - Sightings of Bipedal wolves in South Gardner
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* 1947 UFO Sighting
*Executive Director of Gardner Housing Authority UFO Experience

*A 1978 UFO sighting
*UFO Sighting in East Gardner
* A 1978 UFO sighting by four Boy Scouts at Camp Collier
*A 1996 UFO sighting
*Alien Abduction over Labor Day weekend 2003 in Dunn Park?!?
* 2005 UFO Sighting
*Bridge Street Haunting
*Cross Street Haunting of 1905
*Dunn Park Island Apparitions
*East Gardner Mental Hospital Ghosts
*Gardner Cinemas Haunting - Gardner's most famous haunting
*Old Burying Ground - Gardner's Historic (and Haunted?) graveyard
*The Torriander - Gardner's most well documented haunting
*West Street Sightings in 1960
*Gardner's First and most (In)Famous Murder
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*Cruiser's Malt Shoppe
*Terrapin Traders Gift Shop and Bookstore

*Ben Martino - Award Winning Photographer
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