Old Burying Ground
Behind The First Congregational Church of Gardner
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Some have claimed that the Old Burying Ground behind the First Congregational Church of Gardner is not just a historical icon of Gardner, Massachusetts but also that the area and at least one home nearby is haunted.

The First Congregational Church was the site of Gardner's first meeting house where both town meetings and church services. In 1878 the meeting house was demolished to make way for the construction of the present church.

Behind the church is the Old Burying Ground, Gardner's first cemetary, the first burial being that of Sarah Glazier (a one year old girl) in 1870. Of the 600 plus graves present are 126 prior to 1830. Laid to rest in the Old Burying Ground are 39 men who fought in the Revolutionary War and 26 who signed the Petition of Incorporation for Gardner including Timothy Kneeland father of the Kneeland Maids. The Kneeland Maids were two sisters murdered in their home March 7th,1855 and despite a $ 500.00 reward for the arrest of the perpetrator(s) this remains Gardner's only unsolved double homicide. Also of note is the grave of Joseph Payson who was a participant in the Boston Tea Party. In addition is the grave of Revolutionary War Hero David Comee regarded in Gardner folklore a "The Luckiest Man In Gardner"

Some claim that the graveyard is haunted and that one or more of the spirits haunting the graveyard travel from the graveyard to at least one nearby home. One such house immeadiately near the Old Bury Ground has a reputation for being haunted.
Old Burying Ground behind The Congregational Church
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