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Picture of Gene McGraw, Johnny Gallagher, Maxine Gallagher and Hope McGraw

Left to Right, Gene McGraw, Johnny Gallagher, Maxine Gallagher, and Hope McGraw; 1930’s


Cartmel/Cartmill/Cartmall/Cart*l/Cartm*ll DNA Web Site (New)

Project Background:

The primary purpose of DNA testing male descendants is to align the descendants of Nathaniel, Henry, and John Cartmill/Cartmell into their proper order. All three of these circa 1700 ancestors settled in the same area, and migrated westward in similar patterns. The result has been some confusion about which line each family group belongs to that cannot be resolved with available written records.
It has been determined by professional researchers that the Cartmill/Cartmell/Cartmel surname is most unique, and has its roots in the Village of Cartmel, in the Lake District of England. This village was established in the 12th Century, and migration from the village can be established as early as the 14th Century to Ireland and other parts of England. Given the relatively small number of living descendants bearing the surname and its variants, it may be possible to determine the very earliest ancestors through DNA tests.

Group Administrator: Phil Cartmille


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Cartmill's Clearing House; the place Earliene Kaelin has gathered tons of Cartmills


If you would like to contribute information or be involved with the Cartmill Clearing House; you can contact Earliene at: or you can mail Earliene at her home address.
Earliene Kaelin
1118 156th St. East
Tacoma, WA
. 98445-2324

Earliene is also the Coordinator for the DeWitt County, Illinois USGenWeb Project. Earliene's Home Page is the Cartmill Clearing House where she has been gathering information about Cartmills from all over the country. If you are searching for Cartmill marriages or Cartmills in general; you will definately want to visit Earliene's Cartmill Clearing House.


If you have any marriage documentation for Thomas Cartmill and Mary Warwick; please notify Paula at; however we don't feel one will ever be found. After reading the interview of David Crouch; see this link David Crouch Interview; one has to come to the conclusion that people living in these obscure parts of the woods were most often married by the squire for ceremonial purposes and records weren't kept. Also one will note by David Crouch's interview; he very rarely ever saw a preacher in his life time.


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Photo of William M. Edwards Jr. and his wife Martha F. (Allen) Edwards (New)

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Thomas & John Cartmill Military 1781

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John, John Jr. Cartmill, Samuel McDonald 1767

Henry McDonald

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