Meet the Weasels!

The 3 Musk-eteers

Ferret Bites

My little ferret family consists of Pip, a diminutive albino female (the smart one); Sasha, a gorgeous silver mitt (the pretty one); Liam, an albino gentle giant who is our constant watchferret; and Dakota, the baby of the group, who is also the largest of the quartet. Dakota is our resident clown, always making a game of everything he does. Also in residence, a Tortoiseshell cat named Scruffy and a hedgehog named Chaucer. As of yet, I don't have any pictures of my happy little band of thieves (and the others), but I hope to be able to scan and upload some soon!

Pip is the queen of the bunch. Her hobbies include climbing shelves and pushing things off of them.


Sasha is the princess, secure in the fact that she is the pretty one.  She knows the value of a good pose.





Liam was the clown prince, but since Dakota came he has become the protector of our little family. Dakota is now the bon vivant of the group (though they all can frolic like there's no tomorrow!), always playing and dancing.


     Ferrety Facts

Scruffy is the trio's favorite toy, much to her chagrin.


Ferrets are from the family mustilidae, which also includes wolverines, skunks, and otters.  Contrary to popular belief, ferrets are not wild animals and have been domesticated for centuries, possibly as far back as in ancient Egypt.  The domestic ferret (M. putorius furo) makes a loving and playful pet*- if you have the time and energy it takes.  Like any pet you must spend time with it.  Ferrets are very energetic and must have playtime, an hour at least (that's the case with mine anyway!).  In the end, ferrets are pretty much like having a cat or a dog- they require attention and care.
*And yes they do occasionally bite, any animal with a mouth will.   It's up to you to teach them not to.

Pip has mild insulinoma (she is hypoglycemic) and must get sugar every once in a while.


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Ferret Central

Disclaimer:  The creator of this page is not responsible for any socks, keys, raisins, shoes, or any other articles that may have gone missing after visitation of this page.

*Many thanks to AJ's Ferret Animated GIFs, since I have no actual pics of my ferrets at this time, nor do I have a scanner.

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