Some useful links to Star Wars related sites in no particular order. Sadly, some of my favorite sites are down and are no longer listed here. List updated on September 10, 2005.

  • Star Wars: Realities Beyond the Myth - Explores the scientific possiblities behind the Star Wars universe.
  • The Star Wars Technical Commentaries - These pages examine particular technical aspects of STAR WARS. There is an emphasis on topics inadequately covered by offline references.
  • Star Wars Origins - How did George Lucas create Star Wars? What were his inspirations? This website is filled with educated guesses as to what might have influenced him when he created the original Star Wars trilogy.
  • Echo Station - Mega site covering all aspects of Star Wars.
  • Star Wars: Lost Sagas - My kind of site! Lots of original artwork and stats. Includes some unique light freighter designs.
  • Home of the Lost Star Warriors - Stats for Marvel Star Wars Comics characters and ships. Great art work!
  • Smilin' Drex Furlow's Stockyard - Lookin' for a used stock light freighter, friend? Let ol' Smilin' Drex take care of you! Features detailed color illustrations and stats for a variety of ships and equipment.
  • Star Wars Deck Plans Alliance - Detailed, highly accurate deck plans of popular starships in living color. Featuring the outstanding work of Frank V. Bonura. Includes an ACCURATE Millennium Falcon and stock YT-1300 deckplans.
  • The Adventures of the Chaos Crew - Lots of original campaign material with a HUGE links section!
  • Star Wars: The Forgotten Tales - Original fan fiction and a variety of stats for the Star Wars RPG.
  • The Rebellion: D20 to D6 Conversions - D6 Loyalists unite and join the REBELLION. A source of new D6 material for the STAR WARS gaming community.
  • Amara's Cantina - "The Friendly Hive of Scum and Villainy". Features original Star Wars art, humour and paper dolls by artist Amy Pronovost.
  • Vana Ifo, FarStar - The adventures of Vana Ifo in the Star Wars Galaxy. Lots of original artwork!
  • The Official STAR WARS Site - This is Mecca for Star Wars fans. 'Nuff said!

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