Ral Peleton

Ral Peleton

Type: Wealthy Gorean (Retired Smuggler)

Species: Human (Gorean)

Sex: Male † † † † † Age: 35

Description: Ral has a muscular build and stands 1.8 meters tall. His handsome, youthful features contrast with his silver gray hair. He almost always wears gloves.

Meelee Combat3D+1Persuasion3D
Meelee Parry3D+1Search3D
Alien Species2D+1Brawling3D
Planetary Systems2D+1Swimming3D
Astrogation3D+2Blaster Repair2D+2
Beast Riding3D+2First Aid2D+2
Sensors3D+2Repulsorlift Repair2D+2
Space Transports3D+2Space Transports Repair2D+2
Starship Gunnery3D+2Starship Weapons Repair2D+2
Starship Shields3D+2

Force Sensitive: No

Character Points: 5

Move: 10

Equipment: Small Flogger (STR+0D), Gorean Sword (STR+2D), mansion with servants in Ko-Ro-Ba, 200 gold tarsks in ready cash.

Capsule: Ral has an advantage that most of the other kajira traders lack: he spent his childhood on Gor. Not only can he read and write Gorean, but he speaks it fluently and is familiar with the local customs. His grandfather was Stavros of Ko-ro-ba, a respected slave trader who taught young Ral the "family business". Ralís father was Van Peleton, a tramp freighter captain who regularly furnished Stavros with barbarian girls and eventually became close friends with the slave trader. Van fell in love with Stavrosí beautiful young daughter, Ute, and with Stavrosí blessing took her as his "free companion". Van subsequently departed Gor with Ute, and returned a year later with their infant son, Ral. But the trader had sad news for Stavros: Ute had died shortly after giving birth to Ral while the ship was still in hyperspace. A tramp freighter was no place for an infant, and Van asked Stavros to take care of Ral until he was older.

When Ral was 15 years old, Van and Stavros determined that the boy was mature enough to serve aboard his fatherís starship, the Red Silk. Van decided several years earlier that the kajira trade was too risky for a father-and-son business, and had gone back to free trading. Ral never knew that Captain Peleton was really his father, and the two got off to a bumpy start. But Ral had stars in his blood, and though he missed Gor, he quickly grew to love roaming the galaxy with his father. As the years passed, Van taught his son everything he knew about running a starship, grooming him for the day he would retire and Ral would take over his seat in the Red Silkís cockpit. That day unfortunately came sooner than expected: a customs frigate mistook the Red Silk for a pirate vessel and opened fire on the small freighter. Ral managed to escape by jumping to hyperspace, but not before his father was mortally wounded. Ral also suffered severe burns to his hands as a result of the attack.

Now master of the Red Silk, Ral took up his late fatherís former occupation: kajira trading. He returned to Gor with a cargo of "collar meat" only to learn that his grandfather had passed away at about the same time his father died. Shortly afterward Ral teamed up with Vandos Krell. With Vandos flying the ship, Ral was able to concentrate on preparing his unwilling merchandise for the auction block.

After 10 years of successful trading, Ral and Vandos went their separate ways. Ral subsequently sold the Red Silk to Grus Gyre for a modest sum and retired to Gor. He now lives in Ko-Ro-Ba with his beloved free companion, the former kajira Jewel.

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