Here are some things I like to do with Traveller.

What's New

Links, including many Traveller sites.

Lists of Traveller material (some of which I own, some of which I am looking for).

Hiver references.

Designs: Ship, robot, and other designs I have done over the years.

Deckplans: Deckplans I have created.

Pictures: Traveller pictures I have done over the years. Includes several graphics (about 65k worth at this time).

Astrography: My Traveller world creation work

Tureded: My Landgrab in the Lanth subsector of the Spinward Marches

IMTU: In My Traveller Universe code, and other details about my Traveller universe.

RQ Skills: Skill conversion between Traveller and RuneQuest.


Other Games (non-Traveller) that I have.

Scout Pictures: A list of pictures of scout ships in Traveller books.

Published Work: Work I have published.

Ian Ferguson's Sand Analysis article.

Random Traveller Notes

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