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Welcome to the Website for the Portland/Vancouver area WH40k community. Our primary mission is to unite players and places to play. To keep you informed about what's happening in our area. We list gaming stores that are within or near the Portland Oregon/ Vancouver Washington area. This web site is a tie in to our Yahoo club that is dedicated to our WH40k community. We encourage you to form your own league within this group. The idea is that it is easier for one person to run a league, campaign, or tournament at their favorite store, but there needs to be a place where everyone in the area can find out about your event.

This web site will keep an updated listing of stores that sell Games Workshop stuff, and or provide an area for us gamers. There will be descriptions and pictures of the stores. Our Events page will include, anything, and everything that we are aware of that involves WH40k gaming. If you have local 40k info that you want to see posted on this web site, then email me at firedragon62@yahoo.com .

Game Stores - Addresses, phone numbers, and pictures of the stores. I will also tell you if they have tables and terrain available for you. Please support your local stores that provide you with a place to game at.


Portland WH40k Yahoo Site - Join our Yahoo Group to participate in discussions, polls, and post pics. The calendar on the Yahoo Group is available for all to post gaming events. NOTE: the Yahoo Club is being replaced by the Yahoo Group. It has more functionality.


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