Hello, I'm Bally
I'd rather be out walking on the track

My close-up

I'm Bally.  I live in Greenville, SC with my three humans and two salukis, Eris and Mari.  They say Eris is my aunt, so I'll go along with that.  Mari is my nutsy red headed sister. The three of us used to live together on my breeders' farm. Then Eris went to live with Ingrid and her family.  They decided I HAD come live with them too in August.  Mari arrived in January 2001. I like my new house.  At first I really missed the farm because I could run around all day and play with the other dogs.  I always used to play with Ares, he's Eris's brother.  I used to like to play "jump the fence".

"Jump the fence" is easy to play.  I never ran off anywhere like some dogs do when they jump the fence.  Dogs that run off are dumb.  No, I jumped the fence so I could fence fight with Ares.  That is fun.  Do you know what fence fighting is?  It is when two or more dogs on opposite sides of the fence run along and yell insults at each other.  So much fun and great exercise too.

I live in an apartment now, so I don't have any fences to jump.  However, the apartment we live in has a lake with a big track around it.  I love walking around the track.  I usually walk anywhere from 3 to 5 miles a day.  I need to keep in shape.

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That's me, Bally, in front of the recycling.  Why did mom take my picture in front of the recycling?  She is really weird some times.

Speaking of weird, mom decided for a while that I had to show. I am not too sure about showing. Sometimes it is okay, but I hate it when it is cold and windy and mom is a pretty lousy handler. One thing I do like is all the neat places we visit when we go to shows, I've been to the beach, to a national park and along a river walk so far. I wonder where I am going next? Right now mom says I am "semi-retired". This means we aren't entered in any shows, but mom keeps talking about things called "Stud Dog Class" and "Veterans Class". I'm not sure I like the sound of that.

In November of 2002 I went out to visit a lady named Gail who lives in Arizona. She has two really cute saluki girls, Nadira and Ona, who are my girlfriends. I now have 11 kids!

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Mom was going through some saluki magazines and found some photos of me as a younger dog, before I came to live with her. Check me out on the left as such a cute young puppy. I used to love to play in mud puddles as a puppy, see my muddy paws? On the right I am a bit older and starting to look a bit questioning. It is good to ask questions. Too many dogs fail to ask questions, I think that is a character flaw. These lovely photos of me can also be found in the Summer 1998 issue of The Classic Saluki.

Most of the time I stay at home with my family. I have my favorite spots I like to be, on the couch, in my green chair and in the middle of the living room floor. I spend most of my time in one of these three places. One thing I really like to do (besides nap and walk) is play with my stuff toys. When I first came to live with mom and grandma, I didn't have any stuffed toys. Eris thinks they are stupid, so they didn't get any for me. Then one day I was playing with Grandma's hat. The next day they got me elephant, who I like a lot. Then one day I was poking around in Mom's room and found CARROT!!!!

Carrot is a toy mom bought for Eris, but Eris wouldn't play with. Stupid Eris. Carrot is the best. I love carrot so much. I really like biting carrot and making it squeek. One day I was playing with carrot and chewed a hole in the side and took out all the stuffing. Then mom threw out carrot. But, several days later we went to Petsmart and got a NEW carrot. Now I have a carrot to play with again. That makes me happy!

Now my sister Mari has come to live with us. That is fine. I am slowing building my harem. I am a good provider. I can take care of my family. If only mom would let me off leash, I could even provide food for us. I just know I could.

looking good at 8

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